Derrick Boyd announces solo career and talks about Tone Of Arc. House Mag Exclusive.

“I love what I do no matter where I am. I’ve been just about all over and its always the same. The music brings a special kind of people together. A place is just a place. Everywhere is home and there are families of spiritual friends all growing the same way anywhere you can throw a raver.”


Derrick Boyd / credit: Micah Weiss

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“It is always a learning opportunity to enter a little in daily life and the minds of musicians, especially when talking about someone like Derrick Boyd, a super talented guy. His main project, TONE of ARC, brings an unique musicality to the underground techno scene, punk, funk and 80s, as well as numerous styles unmentionable. He’s like a Frank Zappa with colorful expressions. Tone of Arc is a rare and unique expression that adds a lot of life experience to the stage, full of strong bass lines, guitar and elaborate vocals.
Hi Derrick! First of all thanks a lot for this interview to Tudo Beats / HOUSE MAG. I always ask artists what music they have in their cars in this very moment because it is a very particular place where they may have most diverse influences. Please tell us five of this songs from your car playlist, please.

Here they are!
Grand Masster Flash, “White lines”
Bow Wow Wow – “Go wild in the Country”
Royksopp & Robyn – “Monument”
Massive Attack – “Paradise Circus”
Gui Boratto Remix – Talking Heads, “This must be the place”
Please name 5 heavyweights in Music Today and 5 new artist you consider great. 

I’m as rusty at name dropping and hitting the spot as a soggy sandwich on a Sunday. So I am just going to say some names here. They are what they are. I like their music.. Red Axes, Psychmagik, WhoMadeWho, Matthew Deer, In flagrante, Pattern Drama, Nav Izadi, Jonny Cruz, Pillowtalk, Dance Spirit, and Mock n Toof.

From Frank Zappa to B52s what do u guys listen today out of the emusic world..
Me personally I don’t really listen to music unless I’m in a car. If I want to hear music I make what I want to hear from scratch and I get way more enjoyment out of it. Hell I like to hear music I have never heard. For me as a producer and musician, once you hear it one time its like a movie, I’d just be watching the same movie and know whats at the end of the story. I live for firsts. That first time you heard so and so, omg. I then forget their names cause its hard to pronounce or just so dumb I try to forget. I get so pist at most of these names these days. I swear if I hear one more play on famous peoples names I’m going to dig a hole and put myself in it. Shoot that went dark on a rant lol.


From Lake Tahoe to San Francisco Bay Area. What were your greatest music influences so far?
Omg these questions are so tough right now. Man my biggest influence coming in the city from the mountains was Lance Desardi. Aka Land Shark way back when. As far as influences go everything 80’s, analog, acid/rock/Tech, and beyond. I may not always know the name for what I am inspired by but I know what it feels like when I hear good music. It feels like – I want to do that but my way. 

When did your love for music became also something you do for living?
A living? I would love to see that some day. I started taking it seriously at 22 years old in 2002. It wasn’t until 2012 that anyone of notable status discovered my talent which self perpetuated the best from me as I then had ears I look up too listening so I tried harder and allowed myself to get away with less.

Considering this plus what you’ve been working with since then. What influences you the most nowadays. 
Heart break, falling in love, the Creator aka “the universe’s” support, and my friends, fans and families support. All those things when in alignment give me all the ideas and power I need to amaze even my biggest critic, myself.  

Tone of Arc has been touring the world successfully. What do you personally highlight in all this?
All Highlights point to touring and singing and djing in front of any crowd big or small. I love what I do no matter where I am. I’ve been just about all over and its always the same. The music brings a special kind of people together. A place is just a place. Everywhere is home and there are families of spiritual friends all growing the same way anywhere you can throw a raver. So my highlights are making new friends with those people and singing for them new songs nobody knows about. Fresh ears are the best.

From No.19 Music to Om Records. What would you guys say changes the most? 
My attitude. I’m less egotistical now days. Still got a ripe ego on me but its humbled by the struggles I have had to endure over the years. The negatives are all positives for me now and the positives are just more positive. I am essentially winning and can’t lose anymore because I understand a great lesson in believing in the YES of my life and embracing everything. Negatives only correct my flow so I welcome them when they come with love and a watchful eye. which is also my rule now when I work with labels. I welcome them with love and a watchful eye. LOL

Now you have a solo work as Tone of Arc. What changes?
Pretty much nothing except Zoe is not there. The power of the performance is getting beefier. The music is getting better and better. I am evolving. And I am going to be starting to work with a lot more musicians which was ultimately always the goal from day one. Being single def changes the energy of the performance. There is a kind of palpable essence, flirtation and young romance that guides my energy now.

Chances a lot in your personal life. How do u see next steps in your career?
One day at a time. I almost quit music altogether a few months ago. I lost hope and broke down the studio because the universe was trying to correct me. So I thought it wanted me to stop making music and what I was making I didn’t like. I wasn’t flowing and inspired. The universe just wanted me to do it differently. Now I am flowing nice a strong and my distractions are only mine and no one else 🙂

You consider Tone of Arc somehow visionary?
I leave those big words for others to decide. I can only pray that people see me in that light. It helps me become better when they do.

Which projects we can expect from you in next moves
There is a few vocalist and or producers I will be collaborating with that  I will keep on the DL for now. I don’t want to jinx anything until the work is done. And obviously I am starting work on my third LP.  Finding a good fitting home for really original work is not as easy as it would seem. Man if I had the patience or funding to properly run a label I would. All in time if it’s meant to be.

I see a big identity in your music How do you describe that?
Oh boy, well there is a lot of my music nobody knows about that every song sounds completely different with a different attitude and production style. so there are personas I have for each sub-genre. There is the Dark Over Lord of Werewolves, Prince Pumpernickle of Sexy Town, Sleepy deeper, Mega Mind Bender and the Wall of Sound, Sneaky Salamanders Pan Pipes, and good old Rock Bottom Lady Boy.. LOL

DO you think Brazilian public gets your music in the same way as in the US or other country?
If anything they get my music just as much as Russia and the Ukraine.  They always have this level of enthusiasm you don’t see anywhere else. The people are obviously open to originality. Not afraid to venture into the unknown. Its that sense of adventure that makes me perform even better and louder and energetic.

What follows next FOR TOA?
Shit I don’t know. I live in the now. I ‘d rather just stay here cause I don’t want to be anywhere else. Right here right now. Alive and making music and making lots of love in the form of love made with more love.

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